Sunday, October 10, 2010

First Things First!

Hi Everyone im using this site to post up the links that i will be posting in the Cartoon World Forums Dubbed section and links to new games that i find in my free time which can either span psp or nds or possibly wii if you are actually bothered to download them most of them will be Mega-upload and i hope to become a respected uploader in the dubbed department since i support dubs anyway my first project is Eden of The East English dubbed Xvid Avi all the files i show here will have my name tag you will see what i mean later.

o n i will post about my thoughts on the industry and some interesting things i find like crazy news from japan and anime

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  1. awesome :3 im the first comment =] i'll check up on here for prof. layton and shiz LOL good luck with the blog michael ^^